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Ventura, CA


I guess I'm really just a gypsy at heart, a vagabond, a wanderer, a nomad, a traveler ~ call me what you will, but I just love to travel, and always with my trusty companion by my side. No, not my dog, a friend, or even my husband ~ I'm talking about my camera! As much as I love to travel, so do I also love to document all the places I've been, and all the beautiful people I have met on my travels, so that I may share them with others ~ my camera helps me to do just this.

As well as being an amateur photographer, I am also an aspiring writer who has had several articles published in a number of different cruising magazines, so I have the added benefit of being able to combine my images with my stories, and submit them for publication.

I was born in South Africa but moved to the US in 1985, shortly after meeting my
husband-to-be in Death Valley, CA during my 2 and 1/2 year world travel adventure. We have lived aboard sailboats for the last 28 years, most of those years in Ventura, California.

Currently we cruise aboard our boat in Mexico for 8 months of the year, returning to the US in the summer to escape the heat and hurricanes of Mexico, during which time we either house-sit, rent or camp. As I said, I'm a gypsy at heart, but perhaps more so a vagabundo-del-mar these days.

I am currently shooting with a Panasonic DMC-TS5, and finally got my first DSLR, a Nikon D3300 with the 18-55 and 55-200 mm kit lenses, and I'm in heaven!

Thank you for visiting my site ~ I hope you enjoy the views! And please stop by regularly as I plan to change the scenery often!


Sunset on the Turkish Gulet by Anne Mott


Dance of the Dawn by Anne Mott


Breakfast at the Birdhouse by Anne Mott


A day at the beach by Anne Mott


Marina Mazatlan Mirror by Anne Mott


Is there anybody out there? by Anne Mott


Embrace the Planet by Anne Mott


Loving La Cruz by Anne Mott


Beautiful Barra de Navidad by Anne Mott


Bubble Grunge by Anne Mott


Agave Americana Abstract2 by Anne Mott


Agave Americana Abstract by Anne Mott


Pacific Paradise by Anne Mott


Awesome Agave Americana by Anne Mott


I Didn't Do It by Anne Mott


Solitary Sailboat Sunrise by Anne Mott


Turkish Gulets by Anne Mott


Turkish Gulet high and dry by Anne Mott


Sunday in the Park by Anne Mott


Proud To Be American by Anne Mott


Lovely Lily Stargazer by Anne Mott


Sailing in Paradise by Anne Mott


Haunted House by Anne Mott


Fishing floats by Anne Mott


Canola Country Road by Anne Mott


Colorful Canola field by Anne Mott


Lake of dreams by Anne Mott


Palouse valley by Anne Mott


Early Bird by Anne Mott


Dear Old Dandelion by Anne Mott


Dandelion Abstract by Anne Mott


What's for breakfast? by Anne Mott


Tomato time by Anne Mott


Blue Bottles by Anne Mott


Always do your best. by Anne Mott


Infinity pool palm by Anne Mott


Look deep into Nature by Anne Mott


Drops of Life by Anne Mott


'49 Chevrolet 3100 Station Wagon by Anne Mott


Main Street downtown Ventura by Anne Mott


Eat Washington Apples2 by Anne Mott


Eat Washington Apples by Anne Mott


Spectacular Mazatlan Sunset by Anne Mott


Fisherman throwing his net by Anne Mott


Field of dandelions by Anne Mott


Face in the mirror by Anne Mott


Sunset over the Sierra Gigantes by Anne Mott


Pelicans in flight over turquoise blue water. by Anne Mott